Texas HoldEm Poker : Get your game in shape


Play Texas HoldEm Poker with your family and friends either for real money or for fun.

If Texas HoldEm Poker is a new-fangled game to you, dont worry about being confused, because it is such an easy thing to learn compared to other poker games such as 7 card stud or Omaha High. Texas HoldEm Poker can be learned and mastered by anyone in just a quick few minutes, because unlike any other poker games, you dont have to calculate and compute odds and try to count cards. Remember, in playing, you must always play fairly.

Playing Texas HoldEm Poker

1.Texas Holdem Poker blinds and antes
The betting structure is not always the same. Sometimes they use antes, but most games begin with two players positioned on the left side of the dealer placing out a pre settled money so then there is a primary fund or amount to get things started. This step is called the posting of the blinds.

2. The Texas Holdem Poker dealer completely shuffles a deck of 52 playing cards.

3. Each Texas Holdem Poker player holds and is dealt with two cards facing down. These two cards are called youre the hole cards or pocket cards.

4. After which, there is a one round...

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