How to Cold Call Using Your Right Brain — So

How to Cold Call Using Your Right Brain — So You Can Make Cold Calling Enjoyable and Productive

They totally “get it.” They both studied the Unlock The Game Mastery Program carefully and quickly, and now theyre using their new selling insights every day in ways I never imagined possible.

A little about their business… Bob is a composer, performer, and producer of original music in a New Age fusion of solo piano and smooth jazz. He also has a hardcore background in traditional sales (quite an interesting “fusion”). Gwen, who has no background in 스포츠중계 sales, works with him to get retailers and other outlets to stock his music.

This is their story told by Bob.

Gwen and Bob’s Story

Gwens and my discovery of your selling approach has had a remarkable affect on us personally — and an almost-instantaneous positive effect on our bottom line.

What had become a grueling ordeal has become an exciting journey — a relaxing walk in which I encounter new and interesting people and find those who share a sincere interest in what we have to offer. Does this sound “Pollyanna”?

Let me...

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